Plywood Supplier

Plywood Supplier

Created branding, built a website and user experience for leading plywood supplier in the US. Created and leveraged complex digital marketing strategy.

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Plywood Supplier

About Plywood Logistics

Plywood Logistics is a wholesale plywood supplier based in Los Angeles, US. They decided to create the website and reach more potential clients via Google Ads, Linkedin Ads and Sales Navigator.

Scope of work
Plywood Supplier

Customer’s pains

UI/UX design

Plywood Supplier website design

Plywood Supplier is a website in US. The company was launching localized domains for new countries in the portfolio.

Plywood Supplier
CMS WordPress

Website development

Unique WordPress website that we created is defined through contemporary practices, standards and methodology.

Plywood Supplier


Among websites that do use a CMS, WordPress holds a full 64.7% of market share. We choose among the best.

Plywood Supplier


We created specified product pages to grab more organic traffic. Set up structured data, built blog and wrote over 50 articles with focus keyphrases.

Plywood Supplier


We used Gutenberg because it has less styles and scripts among other page builders.

Plywood Supplier


Research indicates that 52% of users cite web site design as the number one credibility factor, so that you recognise the stakes are high. Design is greater than the shape and capability of the website. There needs to be real substance that entices the traveler to transform right into a buyer. When seeking out internet layout groups to companion with, pay near interest to the extent of content material they commonly deliver.

Plywood Supplier

Results charts

Here is the screenshot from Google Search Console of Plywood Logistics.

Plywood Supplier

Project in numbers

We use time tracking software and know everything about our team efficiency for clients’ businesses.

350 hours

Was spent to develop the project.

10 specialists

Marketers, designers and developers.

3 stages

Of adjustments to the design.

6 weeks

Passed before the projest was delivered.


Business optimization is powerful and efficient weapon in this never-ending fight for a place under the sun.

Website had been created using CMS WordPress and connected to Bitrix24. Managers can easily change any content in fast visual editor Gutenberg.

We stopped inneficient marketing campaigns, added thousands of negative keywords to cut irrelevant traffic and launched updated campaings on the most effective traffic channels.

We redesigned the website and adjusted marketing strategy to catch an attention of bigger clients. It led to better lead quality and higher average order value.

We adapted to the realities of the market, took into account competition and depending on this adjusted the strategy. It helped us to stand out of competition.

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