Global Medical Care
Global Medical Care

Global Medical Care

By optimizing our work and using internal tools, we were able to lower the prices while keeping the highest possible quality of services.

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About Global Medical Care

Kova Interiors is Office Fit Out Company in based in London, England. Kova is an interior refurbishment company that offers commercial refurbishment in London and the South-East. Website had been created using CMS WordPress and connected to Bitrix24.

Scope of work
Global Medical Care

Customer’s pains

Global Medical Care
Trouble in innovation

Client stopped focusing on what he/she can do new and different and fell into a rut. This led to lack of enthusiasm from the team and a competitor taking over their market share.

Global Medical Care
High cost

Client couldn’t hire local agency to handle marketing and web development needs due to very high cost. The company started struggling and losing competitive advantages.

Global Medical Care
Too many mistakes in the code

Website had too much outdated custom code with no maintenance. Client couldn’t develop and scale the business with such unreliable tool.

Global Medical Care
No digital presence

Client did not have a branding, website, and social presence or any online ads. This way, company started struggling due to lack of new customers. They should have started acting immediately to keep the company on track.

UI/UX design

Kova Interiors website design

eSky started as a booking platform operating in Poland. The company was launching localized domains for new countries in the portfolio.

Global Medical Care
CMS WordPress

Website development

Unique WordPress themes that we create are defined through contemporary practices, standards and methodology.

Global Medical Care


Among websites that do use a CMS, WordPress holds a full 64.7% of market share. We choose among the best.

Global Medical Care


Our client had been chosen Bitrix24 a long time ago so we created stable connection between website and CRM.

Global Medical Care


We used Gutenberg because it has less styles and scripts among other page builders.

Global Medical Care

Pricing Calculator

We created calculator with steps that allows users to calculate the cost of services. The calculater has been connected to Bitrix24 so client’s sales managers can see the estimate before reaching a lead. We also developed a feature that allows users to recalculate the price after they submit a form. It helped us to increase average visit duration because users stay longer on the website.

Global Medical Care

Results charts

eSky started as a booking platform operating in Poland. The company was launching localized domains for new countries in the portfolio, where each website connected.

Are you tired working with 2, 3 or 4 different teams? Conflicts, misunderstanding, too much time spent on.

Global Medical Care

Project in numbers

We use time tracking software and know everything about our team efficiency for clients’ businesses.

350 hours

Was spent to develop the project.

10 specialists

Marketers, designers and developers.

3 stages

Of adjustments to the design.

6 weeks

Passed before the projest was delivered.


Business optimization is powerful and efficient weapon in this never-ending fight for a place under the sun.

Website had been created using CMS WordPress and connected to Bitrix24. Managers can easily change any content in fast visual editor Gutenberg.

We stopped inneficient marketing campaigns, added thousands of negative keywords to cut irrelevant traffic and launched updated campaings on the most effective traffic channels.

We redesigned the website and adjusted marketing strategy to catch an attention of bigger clients. It led to better lead quality and higher average order value.

We adapted to the realities of the market, took into account competition and depending on this adjusted the strategy. It helped us to stand out of competition.

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